Susan Widdicombe

Improviser - Actor

Susan Widdicombe is an improviser and actor, who loves playing characters. She has studied at The UCB, Magnet Musical Improv and The PIT. She has appeared as 800+-year-old creature Yoda in the Armory Shot4Shot: Star Wars series. If you want an impression of Melania Trump, Bob Dylan, Macy Gray, or Her Mom, just ask. She’d like to thank her fellow Tea Lady, Barb.





Musical Improv Showcase

Monday, September 9, 2019 • 7 PM – 8 PM
The PIT Loft 154 West 29th Street, New York


Photo by Kevin McNair

Photo by Kevin McNair


CONTACT • Brooklyn, NY • Download Resume

Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Height 5’ 3”
Weight 118 lb.


Hit Box Jane - Series Pilot (Post) - Jon Saks Films
Characteristically Supporting - Web Series  (Post) - Dominique Salerno


Magnet Musical Circuit Teams 2019 Performer - Magnet Theater
The Armory Comedy - House Teams Performer, 4 Seasons - The Tank NYC
Tea Ladies Character Duo - The Tank NYC
Inamorata - All Female Indie Team Performer / Producer - The PIT
Rivals Performer / Producer - The PIT


The Armory Sketch Performer - The Tank NYC


The Funny School of Good Acting Clown for All - Christopher Bayes

The Studio New York Scene Study - Jayd McCarty

Upright Citizens Brigade Improv - Liz Noth, Ryan Karels, Joey Price

Magnet Theater Musical Improv - Annie Moor, Miles Lindahl, Michael Lutton

HB Studios Etudes Monologues - Snezhana Chernova

The Peoples Improv Theater Improv - Bill DiPiero, Rachel Rosenthal, Pat Swearingen

10,000 Hours Improv Improv - Michelle Thomas, Ron Hill


Improvisation Long Form, Short Form, Character Work, Musical Improv

Accents Spanish, Southern, British RP / Cockney, Irish, Brooklyn

Impressions Bob Dylan, Macy Gray, Melania Trump, my Mom

Language Spanish

Artistic Graphic Design, Illustration

Technical Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere, Affect Effects